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This means all about our products like how to use them my sheets, movies & pictures, the order possibilities for outside Germany and the Cast4Art conditions.

Product Descriptions
KOBRACAST® Art – HowToUse pdf_logo
Worbla’s® Finest Art – HowToUse pdf_logo
Worbla’s® Transpa Art – HowToUse pdf_logo
Worbla’s® Deco Art – HowToUse pdf_logo
Horned Hats & Blind Man Mask pdf_logo
Parsifals Armor & Tomato Costume pdf_logo
Users Tutorials
Daenerys‘ belt by Aigue-Marine Cosplay
Ornaments for Lady Loky by Naraku Brock pdf_logo
Leg Armor by Kookimik pdf_logo
Diablo3 Barbarian Armor by Kamui Cosplay pdf_logo
Custom-made Superhero Masks by Aigue-Marine Cosplay
Video Clips & YouTube
Aonir – How to build a pauldron (English Captions) pdf_logo
Aonir – Feathers for the pauldron (English Captions) pdf_logo
Ge[Blogged]#61 – Worbla’s Finest Tutorial (Engl. captions) pdf_logo
Making of a deer antler pdf_logo
Limited-lot production of a walk-act
Website Gallery & Facebook Gallery
Website Gallery Pictures of masks, costumes, stage settings, walk-acts, sculptures & more pdf_logo
Facebook Gallery
Here you find little tutorials, lot of pics plus info about the latest works done with our materials in weekly updates.
To take a look at the pictures you do not have to register at Facebook!
Worbla’s® Finest Art – Pics, Infos & Tutorials pdf_logo
All kind of masks – Tutorials pdf_logo
Horns,Tusks & Antlers – Tutorials
Armours – Tutorials 
Helmets & Headdresses – Tutorials
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Product Information
Cast4Art Price Sheet & Assortment (please check our distribution partners) pdf_logo
Cast4Art Conditions pdf_logo
KOBRACAST® Art English Brochure pdf_logo
KOBRACAST® Art Technical Data Sheet pdf_logo
KOBRACAST® Art Directions for use (only text)
KOBRACAST® Art Slideshow „Pictured Possibilities“ 
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